Drought Tolerant Designs and Plants

Designing a landscape that thrives on less water, and more style with Drought Tolerant Design Landscape Installation    


Landscape design is usually thought of as having two major parts: hardscape (the nonliving elements, such as pavers and paths and fences) and softscape (the living elements, like flowers and trees).


Site Assessment

  • Evaluate the site's sun exposure, soil type, drainage, and existing vegetation
  • Determine the appropriate drought-tolerant plants for the area


  • Create a landscape plan that incorporates drought-tolerant plants and design elements
  • Incorporate features such as mulch beds, rock gardens, and xeriscaping to minimize water usage

Preparing the Site

  • Clear and level the area
  • Remove any existing vegetation and debris
  • Improve the soil with organic matter and amend as necessary


  • Monitoring the plants for pests and diseases
  • Plant the drought-tolerant plants in the prepared beds
  • Incorporate additional design elements, such as rocks, mulch, and hardscaping


  • Install an efficient irrigation system that delivers water to the plants as needed
  • Incorporate drought-tolerant irrigation techniques, such as drip irrigation or a soaker hose

Final Touches

  • Prune plants as necessary
  • Adjust irrigation to ensure plants are getting the right amount of water
  • Mulch to retain moisture and suppress weeds
  • Inspecting for any damage or wear and taking action as needed.

The Complete Cleanyard Advantage

With the best people, tools, materials, and years of experience, we will be your trusted partner at every stage of the project.    

B.bye waiting – we will respond within two days and meet within seven days. A beautiful design and solid bid will be in your hands within 14 days.    


We use the best materials, practices, and design methodologies to guarantee a gorgeous, durable, and hassle-free landscape installation.    


We use California-native plants that are hardy, drought-tolerant, and flourish in our climate with minimal water, fertilizer, and maintenance.    


We built our reputation on solid bids. One inclusive price, one completion timeframe, no crazy, no more uncertainty. Your project will be done to specs, on budget, and on time.    

We make creating your new landscape exciting and rewarding. We are dedicated, expert designers who will see the project to the end, realizing every detail of your vision. We work on one project at a time instead of spreading our team across multiple projects so that you get focused attention from our whole team. We have a highly trained, dedicated team who will work on your project to ensure it exceeds your expectations. Everyone who works on your project is an experienced landscaping employee. We don't hand your project out to low-cost subcontractors.    

The Complete Landscape Difference

We stand behind our landscape design and installation work, and are proud to show it off. You can see more examples in our Porfolio

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Drought Tolerant Designs and Plants


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After we finalize a design together, you will see your plan take shape. Our employees, a team of skilled craftsmen and landscapers, will carefully build out the landscape design.

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